• Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™, Ready to Use 55 Gallon Drum (7:1 dilution)


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  • Description

    Experience ultimate convenience: Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™, Ready to Use (HD-LDF-RTU) is available in a 55 gallon drum. This product is pre-diluted and ready to use at our standard dilution of 7:1. Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ is a high tech, external gas leak detection fluid that makes your job easy, accurate, and saves you time and money. 

    • High viscosity to enhance contact time even on vertical surface
    • Clings better, resists flow and provides a more reliable and accurate read even in difficult places
    • Covers smoothly and evenly on all materials of construction
    • Proprietary formula provides incredible sensitivity in finding small gas leaks
    • Extremely thin film makes it easy to form bubbles even at very low flows
    • Bubbles last much longer and make your job easy and more accurate
    • Freeze protected and freeze thaw stable
    • Non-toxic, non-flammable, does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amine, or ammonia
    • Made in USA

    P/N: HD-LDF-RTU-55-7:1

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