About Us

Heavy-Duty (HD) Leak Detection Fluid is a high tech professional grade gas leak detection liquid. It is available in two formulations: a concentrate meant to be diluted with water for a specific application, or a ready to use formula.
LDF was founded by a chemist with 25 years experience in the industrial water treatment market.  Years of hands-on experience investigating and solving industrial equipment problems, combined with specialized chemical knowledge, have made it possible for us to create this new high tech leak detection product.   

Our Method - Thin Film Leak Testing 

Thin film leak testing, also called thin film bubble testing and soap bubble testing, is one of the easiest, most common, and reliable methods of locating leaks. It is quite simple: thin film leak testing is the observation of a pressurized component that has been sprayed or brushed with a soapy solution. This method of detecting leaks does not require extensive operator training, does not involve expensive equipment that requires maintenance and calibration, provides immediate results and is extremely sensitive. Thin film leak testing is able to detect very small leaks; leaks as small as 7 milliliters per year can be accurately identified with a professional grade leak detection fluid. 

What makes a good product? 

The most important characteristic in determining a quality formula for use in leak detection applications is viscosity. A viscous fluid is sticky and adhesive, which allows it to remain on the surface and facilitate the formulation of bubbles. Viscous is good, but thick is bad because it will inhibit the formation of bubbles. The ideal leak detection product should be viscous but not thick, forming a thin layer of clingy soapy solution, even on vertical surfaces or slippery materials. This enables the easy formation of bubbles, which is the most foolproof way of identifying a gas leak. 

Why Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid? 

So why is our product your best choice for leak detection?
  • High viscosity to enhance contact time even on vertical surfaces
  • Clings better, provides a more reliable and accurate read even in difficult places
  • Covers smoothly and evenly on all materials of construction
  • Proprietary formula provides incredible sensitivity in finding small gas leaks
  • Extremely thin film makes it easy to form bubbles even at very low flows
  • Bubbles last much longer and make your job easy and more accurate
  • Freeze protected formula
  • Concentrated product saves you money. Why pay to ship water?
  • Concentrated product allows you to custom dilute for your exact application requirements
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amine, or ammonium compound