• Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate


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    Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate (HD-LDF-C) is a new high tech external gas leak detection fluid. This is a concentrated liquid supplied in a 16 oz. bottle and must be diluted with tap or distilled water before use. Recommended dilution is 7:1 and makes one gallon. For a more viscous leak detection fluid, use a 4:1 dilution rate.

    HD-LDF is viscous and resists flow, but at the same time has a very thin film, which makes your job easy and accurate, even on vertical surfaces.

    •  Do you use Snoop liquid gas leak detection fluid?
    • One bottle of HD-LDF concentrate, replaces sixteen (16) bottles of Snoop ready to use formula.
    • HD-LDF is half the cost of Snoop and works twice as well

    Below is a video that demonstrates the viscosity of Snoop leak detection fluid. Snoop has the same viscosity as water. You can see this very plainly in the demonstration video. Drip, drip, drip, just like water. Therefore, when you apply Snoop, it runs off as fast as you pour it on.

    Not so with Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid. When diluted at the recommended 7:1 ratio, H-D LDF is viscous (resists flow) and stays in place, even on vertical surfaces. Technicians at Fresno Area Express (FAX) noticed they used half the volume of HD-LDF as compared with Snoop! Half as much product was used! They cut the volume of leak detection fluid used in half!

    So viscous is good, but thick is bad. You don't want a thick layer of soap for leak detection. You want the layer of soap to be thin. With an extremely thin layer of soap, you can detect even the smallest leaks. With a thin, viscous soap layer, it stays in place, and is extremely accurate. 

    When you discover a leak with HD-LDF, and bubbles begin to form, you'll notice that the HD-LDF bubbles formed last almost ten times as long as a Snoop bubble. This makes your job of finding gas leaks easier and more accurate.

    Benefits of HD-LDF-C: 

    • Saves you money. HD-LDF-C is a concentrate. Why pay to ship water?
    • High viscosity to enhance contact time even on vertical surfaces.
    • Proprietary formula provides incredible sensitivity in finding small gas leaks.
    • Extremely thin film makes it easy to form bubbles, even at very low flows.
    • Bubbles last ten times longer which makes your job easy and accurate.
    • Versatile: Custom dilute HD-LDF-C for your exact application requirements.
    • Suggested 7:1 dilution makes one gallon of ready to use HD-LDF.
    • For a more viscous leak detection fluid dilute at 4:1.
    • The more viscous 4:1 dilution covers large gaps, like flange areas much better.
    • Covers smoothly and evenly on all materials of construction.
    • Clings better, provides a more reliable and accurate read even in difficult places.
    Freeze protected, freeze thaw stable, non-toxic, non-flammable, does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amine, or ammonium compounds. Made in the USA. Save time, save money and get the job done right the first time, every time, with HD-LDF-C.
    HD-LDF-C Review
    By J. Breithaupt on October 28, 2014
    This stuff is the best! Period!
    It crawls way up into threads and other tight places. Literally LOOKS for leaks. Finds the tiniest leak.
    I mix it 7:1 so it's really runny. Makes BIG bubbles even diluted like that. No sticky residue like soap.

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  • Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate
  • Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate

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