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    This package has been specifically made for our international customers. 12 bottles of HD-LDF-C shipped anywhere in the world for only $240.00, plus shipping. Estimated shipping via USPS Priority mail is ten (10) business days or more; two weeks.

    Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate (HD-LDF-C) is a new high tech external gas leak detection fluid. This is a concentrated liquid supplied in a 16 oz. bottle and must be diluted with tap or distilled water before use.

    Recommended dilution is 7:1 and makes one gallon. For a more viscous leak detection fluid, try a 4:1 dilution rate.

    HD-LDF-C is viscous and resists flow, but at the same time has a very thin film, which makes your job easy and accurate, even in harsh work environments.

    Freeze thaw stable, non-toxic, non-flammable, does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amine, or ammonium compounds. Made in the USA. Save time, save money and get the job done right the first time with HD-LDF-C.

    HD-LDF-C makes it easier to detect small leaks because the bubbles lasts longer.

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