• Product Comparison: Snoop® Liquid Leak Detector vs. Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate

    Let’s compare Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate (HD-LDF-C), manufactured in the USA by Extreme Bubbles, with Snoop® Liquid Leak Detector, manufactured by Swagelok.

    Successful thin film leak testing depends on bubbles, so today we'll focus our product comparison on bubble life.

    When you apply a thin film of leak detection fluid, in the presence of a leak, a bubble will form. You want the bubble to last long enough for the operator or tester to see the bubbles. Therefore, a leak detection fluid that creates long lasting bubbles is better than one that creates short lived bubbles.

    Let’s look at some laboratory test data, comparing bubble life between HD-LDF-C and Snoop. The lab test method was as follows:

    With this test method you create a bubble, about the size of a grapefruit. Next, you time how long the bubble lasts. Run a large number of these “bubble life” tests. Then, throw out the highest value and the lowest value. Add the bubble life times of all bubble tests and divide by the number of tests. The answer you have calculated is the average life of a bubble produced by each of the two test products.

    Here are the results, measured in seconds:

    • Snoop's average bubble life was seven (7) seconds.
    • HD-LDF-C's average bubble life was an amazing sixty seven (67) seconds!

    Our bubble life was almost ten times longer as compared to Snoop!

    The extremely long bubble life means that HD-LDF-C is easier to use, more reliable and more accurate. HD-LDF-C is a concentrate. Each bottle makes one gallon. Dilute with water. 

    • Do you use Snoop liquid gas leak detection fluid? 
    • HD-LDF is half the cost of Snoop and works better.
    • Save money with Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ Concentrate.

    Why pay to ship all that water? Order HD-LDF-C online store.

    Purchase Orders:

    1) Fax Purchase Order: 866-255-0476
    2) Email Purchase Order: info .at. leak detection fluid .dot. com
    3) Call: 612-419-2923
    Save time, save money and get the job done right the first time with HD-LDF-C. If you can’t find a leak with this stuff, you don’t have one.

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