• Compare cost: Snoop vs. Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid

     Today we’ll discuss the fact that Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ (HD-LDF-C) is a concentrate, and how exactly that impacts its cost. Our concentrated formulation is supplied in a 16 fl oz bottle and gives us a few advantages:

    • We are able to save money on shipping, because we’re shipping less water. Water is heavy, and the costs to ship it get passed along to you, the consumer.
    • A concentrated product can be diluted to any strength you need for your leak detection purposes. Traditional leaks, slippery surfaces, vertical areas – we’ve got them all covered with one bottle of HD-LDF-C! We’ll discuss this in more detail, below.

    How dilution works:

    HD-LDF-C is meant to be diluted with tap water, bottle water or distilled water for your specific needs.

    For gas leaks in a traditional environment, our recommended starting point for dilution is 7:1. Start with one 16 fl oz bottle of HD-LDF-C, which is 2 cups of concentrate and add to 14 cups of water. Final result is one gallon of high tech leak detection fluid. Keep in mind – there’s no reason you need to prepare the entire bottle at once. Feel free to save some for later!

    Some difficult applications require a more viscous solution. In that case we recommend a 4:1 dilution. This more viscous solution is ideal for vertical surfaces, large gaps, slippery materials of construction, and other challenging requirements.

    Now let’s look at price. When we compare the cost of HD-LDF-C to Snoop, HD-LDF-C is the clear winner:

    • Snoop retails for $10 for an 8oz bottle of pre-diluted product. It’s not flexible, it’s not heavy duty, and it’s not cheap!
    • When HD-LDF-C is diluted at 4:1 for tricky applications, the cost is only $1.60 for 8 oz.
    • When HD-LDF-C is diluted at 7:1 for standard applications, the cost is even less!

    HD-LDF-C is non-toxic, non-flammable, freeze protected and freeze thaw stable. HD-LDF-C does not contain free amine, chlorine or ammonia. HD-LDF-C is made in the USA.


    • Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid™ is six times more cost effective than Snoop
    • HD-LDF-C bubbles last 10 times longer than Snoop
    • HD-LDF-C is a more viscous than Snoop and stays in place, even on vertical surfaces
    • HD-LDF-C is much more versatile because you dilute to your specific job requirements

    Try HD-LDF-C today. Purchase concentrate by the bottle or a case of 24. Or try our 55 gallon drums of HD-LDF in a 7/1 ready to use formulation or 4/1 ready to use formulation. Both are designed for your convenience.  

    Purchase Orders:
    1) Fax Purchase Order: 866-255-0476
    2) Email Purchase Order: info .at. leak detection fluid .dot. com
    3) Call: 612-419-2923
    Save time, save money and get the job done right the first time with HD-LDF-C.
    “If you can’t find a leak with this stuff, you don’t have one.”

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